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Remini APK is an AI-based photo enhancement app that can perform photo and video editing in a way that was not possible before. If you have an old or blurred photo, low resolution or scratched images, with any background and without any editing skills, you can get professional results from this app. You need to make a few clicks to get a masterpiece in your hand. If you don’t know what the filters need to apply, how much contrast and brightness is better for your image, and want to remove unwanted objects or edges, then there is no problem because you have a solution in your hand in the form of Remini.

With Remini for IOS, you can use all the PRO features at no cost. We are providing all these free of cost, so you don’t need to pay any subscription fee.

Remini APK for IOS Download Information

App NameRemini- AI Photo Enhancer
DeveloperBending Spoons
CategoryPhoto Editing, Photography
Latest Versionv2.9.84
File Size232 MB
AvailableIPhone, iPad, MAC BOOK
Get It OnApps Store – Apple

Remini APK For IOS

Remini APK is the best app for iOS that brings back AI-based photo editing techniques without any professional skills. With this PRO app, everyone can now turn their photos and videos into stunning images by increasing pixels in colourless images, removing blur, converting images into avatars, and bringing awesome effects to their photos.

Remini, with its latest version, will act like a time machine for you, giving colour to your colourless and old photos. With its AI enhancement features, it is easy now to work on complex photo editing tasks without having professional skills. Also, you can add oil painting or cartoon effects to your images by using this app’s features without any cost.

Features of Remini For IOS

All the features are the same as those discussed in our main article; however, we will point out some of the key features here for your convenience.

AI Protected Features

Remini works with advanced AI algorithms. We just need to upload our file and click on a few tabs; this app will perform all the required functions automatically and give us the final result.

Photo Enhancement

Indeed, when we search for a photo enhancer, we want to add colour to our images. Remini enhances colours and pixels for your old and colourless pictures and gives them a new and attractive look.

Photo Restoration

If you want to restore your old images and give them a new look, you can do this with the help of Remini. Image restoration gives your images a new life and a new look.

Advance tools

In this app, you can work with many advanced tools like sketch drawing, avatar generation, or cartoon generation from images. Also, you can use oil paint effects on your pictures.

Batch Processing

If you are not a professional photographer or editor, you can work as a Pro with the help of this app. Now, with its advanced batch-processing feature, you can edit and enhance multiple images at one time.

Format support

People use different devices to take and store images and also use different image formats to save their work. You don’t need to worry about that because Remini supports various formats like JPEG, PNG, BMP, and many more. You can also get the results in your desired format.

Download Remini APK for IPhone or iPad

By following below instructions you can download Remini for IOS (IPhone, iPad).

  • Click on app store on your device.
  • Type Remini in search bar.
  • Select Remini AI Photo Enhancer from search results.
  • To install the app, click on installation button.
  • Click on Remini app after installation complete.
  • Now open the app and use its stunning features.

Download Remini for MAC

Follow below steps to download Remini for MAC:

  • In very first step you need to install iPadian tool on your device.
  • Now open iPadian tool and click on app store icon.
  • Now from app store click on search button and type “Remini”.
  • From search result click on Remini and install this app.
  • When installation process complete, you may launch this app from iPadian and can use it.

Remini Download Requirements for IOS

You should meet the following criteria if you want to install Remini on your IPhone, iPad or MAC.

  • Operating system for MAC should be 10.13 or later.
  • Operating system for IPhone should be 9.3 or later.
  • You should need high graphic card with enough memory and strong processing speed as well.
  • Also you should need fast internet connection.

Why does Remini not Support iOS 14?

Sometimes, when Apple Company updates its operating systems, it informs developers about the updates. Now, it’s the responsibility of developers to make their apps compatible with new updates so users remain safe from harm or interruption. So whenever you face any issues, you don’t get worried about it; it’s just because the developer is not following the operating system requirements.

Can I Use APK On iOS?

No, it is not possible to directly install and execute APKs on iPhone or iPad; if you want to do so, you need to install an installer like iAndroid or Cider, etc. These act the same as we use an emulator for Windows.

In the case of iOS, the executable file format is IPA (iPhone Application Archive). It contains all the files and resources you need to install and operate an iOS app. So, IPAs are the only files that we can use for iOS devices.

Change of APK into IOS

We can only use IPAs to work with iOS. So, when users have APKs and want to use them on iOS, the first thing they need to do is convert them to IPA files. For this purpose, you can use a tool named “MechDome.” It will convert APK files to IPA.

Remini is a remarkable app with a user-friendly interface that gives your images and videos a new and attractive look without spending money or having any professional skills. It creates your desired results within seconds with its advanced AI-based features. This is the reason that Remini is among the top-rated photo enhancer apps on the Apple Store.

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