Remini MOD APK Download Latest v 3.8.4 (unlimited Pro Cards)

Remini MOD APK

Remini MOD APK converts blurryolderdamaged, or low-quality images into high-quality ones with its AI technology. It also transforms low-quality videos into high-definition videos that engage your followers on different platforms due to their professional and excellent look. The app is widely used around the world due to its amazing features. In this article, we will learn about this app deeply.

Remini PRO MOD APK Download Information

App NameRemini MOD APK
DeveloperBending Spoons
CategoryPhoto Editing, Photography
Latest Version3.8.4
File Size11 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Pro Cards, No Ads
Premium Unlock, No Watermark
RequirementAndroid 7.0 and Up
Downloads1,000,000,+ downloads
Last Updated4th March, 2024
Get It OnGoogle Play Store

Remini MOD APK Quick Overview

Remini MOD APK was launched by a famous software company, Bending Spoon, in July 2019. It’s an AI-powered photo-enhancing app that detects imperfections and edits photos and videos to improve their quality. As it is AI-supported, you can create AI avatars. Still, you can apply more filters and effects to give your image a beautiful look.

Remini with unlimited Pro Features

However, we are here with Remini PRO MOD APK which you can download free from our website. Not just only free download, but you can enjoy unlimited Pro features as well, which include unlimited pro cards without any ad and any watermark.

It has both a paid and a free version. The free version is readily available on the official store, but it has limited features. With the free version, users can edit five pictures in a day. Furthermore, with the paid version, you can enjoy unlimited edition without watermark and without ads. The paid version can enhance multiple shots at the same time.

Why a User Choose Remini MOD PRO APK?

Remini MOD APK is the blend of premium and most advanced features that take away your photography and video editing skills to the next level. You can enjoy all its premium features in the Remini PRO version without a subscription. You can use all of its advanced features without any cost. This application is safe to use on any device.

Features of Remini MOD APK:

Recover blur images

In the latest version, you have an option to recover your blurred images into high-definition images. For this, you just need to upload your desired image and click on the enhance button. Within a few seconds, AI will convert your blurred image into a beautiful and charming image by adding extra pixels.

Recover old images

Remini’s latest MOD can transform old pictures with its advanced technology algorithms. It breathes new life into old images, removing imperfections, fadedness, etc., without any photo editing skills. Now, you can give any image a new look by working on some simple steps like enhancing resolution, increasing pixels, and removing noises.

Remove unwanted objects

With the help of Remini PRO APK, you can remove unwanted objects, scratches, and watermarks from your images and videos and give them a better and clearer look. Without having professional skills, you can now make your images and videos more attractive than before.

Enhance image quality & resolution

Through the Remini photo restore option, you can now increase the resolution of an image and add more pixels to it. With this latest version, you can apply environment, color, and face enhancement. It will generate a sharper background and enhance facial texture. It will work for all image formats, so now you can enjoy a crystal-clear image each time.

Enhance video quality & resolution

Remini MOD APK is a remarkable app that can boost your videos by adding captions and converting them into a high-definition result. This application allows everybody to make quality changes in their videos and make them stunning by giving them a professional look. With its advanced AI features, you can remove unwanted noises and blurriness, making them vivid and remarkable.

Remove & change background

With Remini’s latest version, you can use the background enhancement feature, which allows you to easily separate objects and backgrounds. This feature is AI-protected. You cannot only remove the background but also add or change it. You can easily change the position of the main object and put a different background as per your desire.

Color enhancement & correction

Remini PRO APK, with its color enhancement features, can now transform your black-and-white photos into colorful ones in a single click. You may increase the pixels, transform low-quality images, and retouch them to perfection. You can also add eye-catching colors to your photos. With its advanced technology known as “Color Fixer,” this app can automatically detect and apply the best color combinations on the user’s behalf, giving your images and videos a new life.

Auto cropping images and videos

Another remarkable feature of the Remini MOD APK is auto-cropping. When a user uploads an image or video, its advanced algorithms automatically adjust, crop, and resize it. Now, you don’t need to crop yourself; the AI feature of Remini will do it automatically on your behalf. During the editing process, its advanced features take care of everything and give you back a masterpiece of your pictures and videos by removing unwanted spaces and spare edges.

High quality portraits

You can transform your ordinary picture into a stunning one with the help of a portrait feature based on AI algorithms. It helps to remove wrinkles, facial blemishes, and noise. You can’t get your desired result if you use low-resolution generated devices while capturing photos or videos. But you don’t need to worry; this feature will help you create a portrait capture that will also improve skin texture and eye and hair enhancement.

Face animator

In Remini, we have an advanced feature that makes this app unique: the “Face Animator.” Now, you can turn your photos into moving images, but remember to upload your picture with a clear front view because it does not support a side view better.


Another advanced feature of Remini MOD PRO APK allows users to turn their photos into smiley and “Blink” GIFs. The feature uses algorithms that analyze your image and create a GIF for you. This function is specifically designed to work on images that occupy a large area in portraits.

Low battery use

This app consumes low power while working on it. You can work in a peaceful environment while using this app and enjoy many features without any cost.

Manga bleach

This app has many unique features, and if you want to see your loved one in a distinctive style, then you are at the right place with the suitable feature. If you love anime and Manga, you can turn your desired images into that type. But remember, you need to upload your picture with a clear front view for your desired result. This feature does not support the side view.

Excellent paint effects

Remini MOD APK’s latest version uses advanced movie-grade technology to give your photo an impressive paint effect. If you want to get excellent results, you should use high-quality images with vibrant colors that will turn your images into brilliant artwork. With its oil paint feature, you can create portrait or landscape images, and you can even generate a video clip to showcase the transformation.

Batch processing

Even if you are not a professional photographer, you can still do all the things here as a professional. With the help of this advanced Remini PRO APK feature, you can now edit more than one image at the same time. With its batch processing feature, you can easily manage the editing of whole picture data sets.

Real time preview

With this advanced feature, when someone edits images or videos, you can check real-time previews of the changes you have made. You may see the changes by just clicking on the preview button before saving them on your device, and if you need any editions, you can make them.

Before and after comparison

This app allows users to compare their work to original images or videos. This feature helps you easily manage your changes. If you need to make further changes, you can do them easily; if it is okay, you can save your work.

Quick save & share

When you complete the editing process, you can quickly save your work even if you are offline. By clicking on the save button on your screen, you can save it on your device. This feature also allows its users to share their creative work with their friends and family on different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

User-Friendly interface

Remini is easy to use as it is in English, which gives their user more convenience while working on this app. Most of these features are AI-based, so you must make simple clicks. Upload your work; its AI algorithms will automatically detect imperfections and make necessary changes. If you want to apply some effects in person, you can do it. You need no skills to work on this app; it will automatically generate results within a few seconds.

Comparison Between the Remini Mod APK and Remini Official

FeaturesRemini MOD APKRemini Official
Enhance the photo and video quality✔️✔️
Image retouching✔️—-
Unlimited Pro cards✔️—-
All premium features unlocked for free✔️—-
Contains Ads—-✔️
Availability on Play Store—-✔️
Customization optionsunlimitedlimited
Watermark  —-✔️
Unlimited editing and enhancing✔️—-
AI-based ✔️✔️
Manga Bleach✔️—-
Outstanding editing and enhancing ✔️—-
Preview change✔️—-
All premium features are free to use ✔️—-

Best MOD Features of Remini:

No Advertisement

Most of the time during our work, when we perform a specific task, we see irritating advertisements that divert all our concentration to somewhere else. While working on a particular task, when ads appear in front of them, they click on it and are redirected to another interface. If you are using Remini’s official version, you can’t restore any image without seeing an advertisement. But you don’t need to worry about this because the latest version of the Remini MOD APK has an extra feature that will not show you any ads during your work and provide you with a peaceful environment to carry on your task. With this, you can enjoy a seamless, uninterrupted working atmosphere without pop-ups.

Premium fully unlocked

Remini PRO version gives you all the features like recovering blurred and old images, removing unwanted objects, AI Avatar, pixel enhancement, face animator, portrait, auto cropping, manga and bleach, quick preview, AI sketch, availability of V2 & V3 enhance Mode, etc. The important thing is that you will enjoy these and many other fully unlocked features.
Remini requires a paid subscription to use its advanced features. The prior version, released in 2021, had some limitations and less advancement. Now, you can upgrade yourself without learning any image/video editing skills. And you don’t need to pay any cost for the MOD version. Remini Enhance+ is also free for you. It means you don’t need to subscribe monthly or annually to use premium features.

Unlimited Pro-Cards

There is a unique way to get access to its premium features, and that is PRO CARDS. These are credits that a user can use to enjoy advanced features like the transformation of low-quality images or video to high-pixel results. In Remini official, a user needs to top up 5 Dollars to use credits; however, in the MOD version, we made it easier for you to enjoy unlimited PRO CARDS. It means you don’t need to spend a single penny to buy credits; hence, no limitations apply. This application’s remarkable feature allows you to give a professional look to your images and videos by using different filters, effects, etc.

No watermark

If you are using the Remini Official free version downloaded from the Google Play Store, you will see a watermark in the background. This watermark is you can’t remove this watermark without getting subscribed, for which you need to pay money every month.

But you don’t need to worry; we have a modified file for you that you can use to download all of your images without a watermark.

Remini MOD APK 100% Working

The latest version is available for users and works efficiently and effectively. You will not face any error like “something went wrong” and will not face any black & white screen while working on this app. If you are getting some error, it may be due to a poor internet connection. However, if you are facing any issues, you may visit our page, “ How to fix errors in Remini App.”

Super Fast Processing

Remini MOD APK has super-fast processing. Now, you can edit your videos and images within seconds like a professional and show your artwork to your friends and family members.

Comparison Between Remini, Remini [Pro, IOS & PC]

FeaturesRemini Mod APKRemini Official Remini PCRemini iOS
Enhance the photo and video quality✔️✔️✔️✔️
Image retouching✔️—-✔️✔️
Unlimited Pro cards✔️—-✔️✔️
Availability on the Play Store✔️—-✔️✔️
Contains Ads—-✔️—-—-
Customization optionsunlimitedlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Watermark  —-✔️—-—-
Unlimited editing and enhancing✔️—-✔️✔️
Manga Bleach✔️—-✔️✔️
Outstanding editing and enhancing✔️—-✔️✔️
Preview change✔️—-✔️✔️
All premium features are free to use✔️—-✔️✔️

Installation Method of Remini Mod APK for Android

Remini has a user-friendly interface, no matter you are a professional or an ordinary one, you can download and install this app by simply following these steps:

  • Click on the download button shown at the top of this site.
  • Wait a while to finish download.
  • Click on device or file manager and then open the download files.
  • You need to make sure “unknown sources” enable from your device security settings.
  • Further click on Remini MOD APK and you will get an interface offering the option to install this app.
  • Click on install option, it will take few seconds to complete installation.
  • Once the process complete you can launch and start this app.

How to Install from Google Play Store?

Here are a few steps we need to attempt to install Remini via the Google Play Store:

  • Click on the Google Play Store on your device.
  • You will find a search bar at the top; now, type “Remini AI Photo Enhancer in the search bar.
  • Ensure you have enough space in your device to install this app.
  • Click on the download button. After downloading, the installation process will automatically start.
  • A message box needing permission to access your camera and gallery will be shown.
  • You can use this app to grant necessary information.

Installation Method of Remini Mod APK for PC

It’s a picture-grade artificial intelligence app that can be used on PCs (Windows 7 or above), laptops, and MacBook. The installation process of Remini for PC is a bit different from the Android installation method.

You need to follow the below-given steps to install this app for PC:

  • As we know, Remini is an Android app, and we can’t use it on PCs or Macbooks without installing Android Emulators. So we need to first install emulators like BlueStacks, Dolphin, LD Player, etc.
  • After required emulator installation, sign in to your Google account.
  • From the Emulator home screen, click on Google Play Store.
  • Type Remini in the search bar and press enter.
  • From the search results, click on Remini and press the download button.
  • After downloading, the installation process will automatically start.
  • Wait for a while to complete the installation process.
  • After completion, click on the Remini icon in the emulator to launch the app.
  • Allow permissions, and you can use it now.

Installation Method of Remini MOD APK for IOS (IPhone)

While installing Remini for IOS, you should follow below steps:

  • Open the app store from your device.
  • Type Remini in the search bar or browse for the picture enhancement category.
  • Tap the “Get” button once you find it in the search results.
  • After downloading, installation starts automatically.
  • Allow necessary permissions.
  • Once completely installed, then you may launch and start to use it.

System Requirement For installation Remini Mod Apk

For Android

  • Android System 4.1 or Up
  • Processor Octa-Core with minimum 2GHz Speed
  • RAM Minimum 2GB
  • Storage space required 16 Mb

For PC

  • Operating System For Windows (7/8/9/10/11)
  • Processor Intel or AMD
  • RAM Minimum 4 GB
  • Storage space at least 6GB storage space required

Role of AI In Remini Mod APK

AI powers Remini, as most of its algorithms work based on AI, which detects errors, imperfections, scratches, blurriness, color faults, unwanted edges, and much more automatically. A user needs to select an image or video to edit. Remini PRO will automatically carry out the remaining portion of the work with its AI-detectable and editable feature.

Solid AI Base Features of Remini APK

Auto Enhancement

Remini MOD APK is protected by advanced AI technology that auto-enhances images and videos. Suppose you want to restore your old, colorless, blurry, damaged, or faded images into high-definition photos. In that case, this app will automatically do all these tasks for you without cost or skill.

Make Sketch from Photos

A remarkable feature “turn photo into sketch” Remini brings to you. You can transform your photos into sketches showing a professional artistic look. Another thing is that it works for all types of photo formats. It gives a natural look to your sketch as it is drawn by hand. If you want better results, you should upload high-quality images.

Convert photos into Cartoon Images

An outstanding feature introduced by this application is that it effortlessly turns your pictures into cartoon images without wasting time. By adding this feature, you can give your images a much different and unique look.

Face Identifications & Edits

Remini has a unique feature of facial focus technology that adds value to this app compared to its other competitors. This feature focuses on your facial organs, automatically detects imperfections in different facial parts, and fixes them accurately and efficiently. As a result, your images will have a glorious and attractive look.

Cloud-Based Service

All features of this app are available via web service, which provides enough flexibility in accessing different devices. This feature ensures that you don’t need much device storage capacity because enhancement involves storing and processing in the cloud.

Generate Your AI Avatar

The most trending feature of Remini MOD APK is that you can now create a mind-blowing AI Avatar with a few clicks. By creating multiple avatars from photos, users can see them with different hairstyles, makeup, and outfits. You can even share your artistic avatars on various social media platforms.

Follow the below steps to create an AI Avatar:

  • Open the Remini app on your device.
  • Click on the “AI Avatar” button.
  • Select photos from the device gallery to create avatars.
  • You can select multiple images up to 12.
  • After photo selection, choose “Gender.”
  • Then click on the “Generate AI Avatar” Button.
  • Within a few seconds, it will create fantastic avatars from given images

Remember! This feature is only available in the paid version of Remini, so you should get a subscription. This feature may vary according to the devices and the app version you use to create AI Avatars.

Managing Subscriptions and Refunds

How to get Remini subscription?

Follow some simple step to subscribe Remini:

  • Open Remini official application.
  • You will find the Pro button at the top of the screen; click on it.
  • Further, click on the subscription plan.
  • Choose a plan that best suits you.
  • Then click on subscribe button.
  • It will provide you with all premium features for just $ 5.

How to cancel Remini subscription?

If you have subscribed for the Remini Pro version, then you may cancel your subscription by following the steps below.

  • Visit the official Remini PRO website and log in using the account you want to subscribe to.
  • Go to my account and click on subscription.
  • Click on manage to select the payment method.
  • To cancel, click on “cancel subscription” and follow further prompts.
  • If you are facing any issues during cancelation or have additional questions, contact Remini customer support for further assistance.

How to get refund from Remini Professional Membership?

Follow different steps to get a refund from a professional membership:

  • To get a refund, you need to contact the Remini customer support service team via email at [email protected]
  • You should provide the email associated with the account to which you want a refund.
  • Explain why you should want a refund.
  • The customer support service team will review your request and provide further guidance.
  • Keep in mind that it will take a few days to get a refund.

Remini Mobile App vs Remini Web

Remini App:

  • On mobile devices, availability is specific for Android and IOS.
  • It is an easy-to-use interface designed to edit photos and videos quickly.
  • With simple to advanced features like filters, cropping, AI avatars, Sketch, and images to cartoons.
  • Quick results generated for sharing with friends and family.

 Remini Web:

  • Professional web-based app that can be installed and accessed on desktops.
  • AI technology’s best and most advanced features are protected for image and video enhancement.
  • You may use advanced tools without any skills.
  • It is ideal for complex tasks such as unwanted object remover, background remover, auto color enhancement, etc.

Reviews and rating about Remini

Remini has two million superb reviews from its users. It also has 20 million+ downloads with five-star ratings, which shows its popularity.

Limitations of Remini PRO APK

Remini performs best in most cases, but some limitations hinder getting the desired results.

These are:

  • Images that are too damaged or colorlessey will not yield the best results.
  • Faces that are blurred may not be enhanced well.
  • Remini best works for photos with clear and front views; it will not generate better results from side angles.
  • Currently, it will work better up to the size of 2048 pixels.

Drawbacks of Using the Older Versions of Remini

When you are using an outdated version, there is a huge possibility that you are missing some advanced features or creating security issues. It is strongly recommended that you use an updated version. It will ensure you get the best result and provide a safeguard against any security threat.

Some of the disadvantages we have underlined for you are associated with an outdated version of Remini MOD APK.

Feature limitations: When working on an outdated version, the latest features may be restricted in availability. So, you may face limitations while using different enhancement options in older versions.

Accessibility limitations: It is a serious matter about the availability of older versions on the Play Store because old versions are available for a short time period. When it’s upgraded to the latest version, you can’t access the older version. So, if you prefer older versions, then you have limited accessibility to them.

Quality apprehensions: If you want to make significant and up-to-date quality improvements or enhancements in your work, you can do it with the latest version. However, because the latest version has no feature limitations compared to the older version, it may create quality apprehensions.

Privacy matters: Older versions are less safe and secure than the latest version, and they require frequent updates, which is very irritating to users.

Bending Spoons

A remarkable brand name is  Bending Spoons, the masterminds behind the Remini app. They are the innovators who make it possible in the world of technology. Since their debut in 2013, they have served millions of app users worldwide while building their trust and positive impact via projects like Remini.

Alternative Applications of Remini MOD APK

  • Be funky
  • Foto jet
  • AVC Labs
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Vance AI Image Enhancer
  • AI Image Enlarger
  • VSCO
  • Pixlr
  • Light room
  • Deep Image

Frequently Asked Questions

These are modified versions of the official version, in which users can enjoy its paid features for free.

Yes, you can use it for free with its Pro features. You can download this app from the above download button and enjoy its unlimited features. But if you use it from the official site, then you can’t enjoy all its features without getting subscribed.

No, we can’t use it offline. Because it works on AI Algorithms, and we need a strong internet connection to get better and faster results. If we are offline, it will not perform some of its functions in a better way to deliver the desired result.

It is a feature of the official version, which you enjoy for free in the MOD version. It means how many credits you have to use this app. In the MOD version, credits are unlimited.

Yes, you can download it from this website and can enjoy these features without paying any cost.

We strongly believe you will be satisfied with the informational content we provide in this article. If you want to keep yourself updated, keep visiting our website. Here, we will provide you with the latest updates about Remini PRO APK. If you need further information or have a question, simply “contact us.”